• Fab Weddings: Bar for your reception

    Welcome! Welcome!


    Rudy's does our bar.


    While most places have a food and beverage minimum, we don't. Why is that, you ask... because, while a drink or two is fun, pushing alcohol is not wise... and people are more responsible when they have to spring for a drink, even if it is reasonably priced. Moreover, the party is more fun when people drink just enough but not too much.


  • Here is how the bar service will enhance your event:


    A bartender will be provided for each 100 guests so that everyone is served quickly. Unless you asked to remove this, pop and coffee is provided to all your guests, all night, free of charge. The head table is served a Champagne Toast on the house (with valid ID).


    When you arrive at the hall, the event manager will treat you and your parents with a drink, they'll ask you what you'd like .


    Later, around toast time, the head table will be served with flutes and Asti or Ginger Ale, depending on their age :)


    Beyond that, there's the bar.. whether cash bar or hosted, plus all the pop, and coffee, and ice water anyone wants


    On tap, there is always Michelob Golden Lite unless you request something else


    The bar is fully stocked with all the drinks listed below.


    There's more good news!

    Hosting a keg or two, or some wine is reasonably priced.

    If you'd like a signature drink, we can do that too.


    Cash Bar pricing

    Hosted Bar (prices reflect 10% tips for bartenders)

    Draft Beer Mich Golden Lite / Blue Moon $3/$4

    Bottled Beer Standard / Premium $4/$5

    Cocktails Rail/Top Shelf $6/$7

    House Wine and Champagne $5


    Prepaid Bar

    Hosted Beer Keg Standard / Premium $349/$399

    Case of House Wine (Chard/Griggio/Merlot/Cab/White Zin) $259



    We're ready for you! Just snap your fingers...

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