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A few wedding ceremony samples...

Once you are one of our customers you will have access to the VowMaster, and will be able to easily create a customized ceremony script. Until then, you can get some inspiration from the scripts below.

Anything can be included in your wedding ceremony, especially if it is meaningful to you. Some people choose to remember someone who is not present, some people choose to thank parents for all they've done, some people choose to add vows to kids to help them feel a part of the new family, some people use more than one language, some people are deeply religious, and some people are quite relaxed and easy going.

Whatever makes you tick, and however you feel about this event, celebration, or covenant, can be reflected in your ceremony.

Anything is possible!

Choose the people, the readings, the music, and the costumes you love most and imagine your dream day. We'll be there for you! The hockey wedding must have been the "Wild"est and most fun. See the intro below.

This was the special introduction for the "hockey" wedding (*no pucks were harmed during the wedding):

Welcome! Thank you for coming to this celebration!

We are gathered together here in the presence of friends and family to celebrate the love which BRIDENAME and GROOMNAME have for each other; to give social recognition to their decision to commit their lives and accept each other completely; to learn how to help and understand each other; and together, to travel through life and share their love of hockey.

So what’s hockey got to do with this? Well, hockey and marriage aren’t all that different! Both require a lot of hard work, a lot of running, and a lot of learning and analyzing mistakes and starting over, every morning is a new day, a chance to make it better – as long as you are committed to make it better.

A good game, and a good marriage – don’t just happen. It takes love to get started, and sheer determination to make it through. And in spite of all the knocking of heads, and checking, and clashing about goals, activities, kids, toys and other equipment, it is a wonderful experience with which we grow and in which we fulfill an important part of who we are and who we become.

Before we continue, if any of you has anything to say that might change their minds, they don't want to hear it.

However, they do want to hear from you that you are their village, that you will always be their friends, and that you will always support and encourage them as they build the skills and work up the commitment and dedication needed to make marriage work. You are here as fans, coaches and team members.

I realize each of you comes from one side, so I would encourage you to embrace both of them and support them in their journey.

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