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Answers to Questions on Life, the Universe, and Everything

Cindyrella's Garden Questions

  • What is the capacity? 120 seated guests + bridal party... about 135 to 150. The limitation is parking for 50 cars
  • Can we have more people? Only if you rent a bus and bring people over from wherever else they would park. Then we can discuss extra chairs cost.
  • What if it rains? All garden reservations include the wedding chapel, which is 10 miles South of the garden.
  • Is there power in the garden? No. Our sound system is battery powered and loud enough for a ceremony. It comes with a microphone, and allows one instrument to be plugged in.
  • Are there restrooms? Yes, a porta-potty.
  • Where do we change? If you only have 1 hour, come dressed up please. For larger weddings, ladies can use the changing gazebo (mirrors, chairs, but no power).
  • Is it wheelchair accessible? Not really. On the grass, down a gentle slope... we have a golf cart to help with...
  • Can we throw petals? Sure but please use real petals... your florist will have spare petals to give you free... the synthetic silk ones end up poluting the pond.
  • Can we throw rice at the end? Please use bird seed or soap bubbles (bubble look best in photos)

Ceremony Questions

  • Will you marry us if we are of different faiths? Yes
  • Will you marry us if one of us is not religious? Yes
  • Will you marry us if one or both of us have been previously divorced? Yes
  • Do you require pre-marital or religious counseling before getting married? No
  • Would you allow another Officiant (possibly of a different religion or a relative) to take part in the ceremony? Yes.
  • Are we allowed to write our own wedding vows or to modify the ones from you? Yes
  • Are there any restrictions on the types of readings that can be used? No
  • Can we use contemporary readings or are they required to be religious or scripture readings? Yes: you may choose any readings or skip this altogether.
  • Are there any restrictions on the type of music that can be played? No
  • Can we use contemporary songs? Yes
  • Can we bring our own musicians? Yes
  • Are there any restrictions on wedding attire? No

Officiant Questions

  • What will you wear? Typically a suit; most anything decent on request.
  • When do you arrive? half an hour before the ceremony start time; papers are signed and a the bridal party is organized about 5 minutes before the ceremony.
  • Will you take care of the legal documents? Yes, first you need to obtain the license from any county office, I will take care of the rest
  • How do I obtain the license? Go there, fill out their form, pay their fee, and wait for the document to arrive in the mail about a week later?
  • We're from out of town and cannot wait a week... can we expedite the license process? You can ask to see a judge and explain your reasons... most often they grant the request
  • What about the timing and logistics of obtaining the marriage license?
  • You and your future spouse must obtain a marriage license. This usually costs $110 from the county government office and it takes them around 5 business days to mail it to you. Please allow sufficient time for you to receive this. You apply for the license at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding date; licenses are valid for 6 months.
  • Shucks! We forgot to get the license... or can't find it... No worries, come to the ceremony, and we'll do the paperwork a day or two later.
  • Do you officiate in prisons / correctional facilities? Yes, please see under Services / Prison Weddings

Photography Questions

  • What do we get? All images in JPG format, high resolution, and with full copyright on a disc
  • When do we get our photos? Typically 3 weeks after the wedding, via first class mail.
  • Can we have the photographer at more than one location? Sure, within the time you have.
  • Can we have the raw images so we can process them ourselves? Sure, just let us know ahead of time, we do not normally keep these files once we're done processing your photos.
  • Can we add more time to the package we have? Most likely, send us a note to verify availability.
  • How much time do we need? 1.5 to 2 hours for ceremony, family and some bride & groom photos assuming you are not hiding from each other. If you are hiding add an hour. For reception we can do most things in 2-3 hours depending on the schedule, and the time elapsed between ceremony and reception. As such, you need about 5 hours + the extra time if... there is a long time between ceremony and reception (limo ride around town) or key activities you want to do way late at night... garter/bouquet toss, etc.
  • Are there any restrictions on photography? No: However, some churches may limit or may not allow flash photography. Various locations may have restrictions on where the photographer may and may not stand – please check with them. At our venues, we just need to stay off the flower beds.
  • Is it permissible to videotape the ceremony? Are there any restrictions for the videographer? See above.

Flowers Questions

  • What will you wear? Typically a suit; most anything decent on request.
  • What will you wear? Typically a suit; most anything decent on request.
  • What will you wear? Typically a suit; most anything decent on request.

Invitations Questions

  • Do the envelopes come with or are they extra? Yes, the envelopes come with your order.
  • Can we upgrade from the initial order? Yes, anything can be changed and/or upgraded.
  • What you address the envelopes? We can, though it is not included in the price initially quoted.
  • How long before the invitations are ready? Orders take 2-3 weeks to complete from the moment of final approval.

Chapel Questions

  • What is the capacity? 120 seated guests + bridal party, who usually stands up during the ceremony, on the stage.
  • Is it heated and/or air conditioned? Yes.
  • Is there a changing room? Yes, downstairs.
  • Is it wheelchair accessible? No. Sorry! Built in 1876, it is a historic building.
  • Can we throw petals? Sure.
  • Can we throw rice at the end? Outside, please use bird seed; otherwise please use soap bubbles (bubble look best in photos)

Rosehenge Hall / Ballroom

  • What is the capacity? 200 seated guests
  • Is it heated and/or air conditioned? Yes.
  • Is there a changing room? Yes, a 12x12 office.
  • Is it wheelchair accessible? Yes - everything is on one level.
  • What is the closing time? 11pm on Friday and Saturday, 10pm all other days.
  • Are there other activities in the building? No: it's all for you.
  • Can we bring our own caterer or bar? No. Come to a tasting: you will be amazed by the quality and low price of food.


  • Are consultations limited or what do they cost? They are free and unlimited, within reason... we'll take all the time needed to help you accomplish a beautiful event
  • Can we meet the officiant / photographer / DJ / florist / invitations people before booking? Sure, check out the profile first, and think who you'd like to speak to. We'll first arrange a phone call. Then you can decide who you still want to meet. Each person can be met at a coffee shop near their residence. Fair enough?
  • I want a quote for a number of services / I want to modify a package, now what? Please call or email.

Refunds and Cancellations

What about refunds and cancellations? Please see the refunds page.

What is The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything


Anything we have not covered? Write or call...Maureen (Moe) Zaske, Customer Service Manager


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