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Wedding Ceremony Checklist

The wedding script is the heart of the wedding ceremony. The script will spell out 95% of everything that will be said during the ceremony. A good minister will fill in various remaining places that need to be connected and will improvise depending on what else is going on: someone laughing or crying, wind or rain, kids not cooperating, etc.

You probably feel overwhelmed at the thought of putting together your own ceremony script: you should not be. This is a simple matter and in a few minutes you will understand all there is to know about wedding ceremonies and will be able to create a unique and customized wedding script online.

There are many things you might choose to do or not do, depending on how the two of you feel about religion, traditions, etc.

This checklist should help you think through the various options to consider when crafting a wedding ceremony that's just right for you.

Our officiant will provide feedback and guidance, of course, but get going on your own: it's more fun, and you can do it... at work! LOL

1. Entrance order: who comes in with whom?

   Groom: alone, with mom, mom and dad, other people

   Who is next? Are there second wives and husbands, do they get along?

   Bridesmaids and Groomsmen order

2. Music: bridal party, bride's entrance (processional), couple's exit (recessional)

3. Readings / Blessings

4. Questions of Intent

5. Activity - sands, candles, roses, handfasting

6. Ring Exchange and Vows

7. Readings / Blessings

8. Presentation of the Couple

   Mr. and Mrs. Homer Simpson

   Mr. and Mrs. Simpson

   the married couple of Homer and Marge

   Mr. and Mrs. Homer and Marge Simpson

   I pronounce you husband and wife

   Homer Simpson and Marge Bouvier

Although there are 3 reading sections (#3, 5 and 7) you may choose to skip them or simply have just one or two of them. We have simplified the process of creating a beautiful wedding script by creating an exclusive interactive application, the VowMaster, for this purpose. As one of our brides you have unlimited access to use it. In addition your minister can see your work and will collaborate with you, providing you feedback, suggestions and ideas.

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