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Wedding Ceremony Programs

Programs are a wonderful means to channel your creativity, and your personality, to acknowledge key people present, or even who may have passed away years before. They are also, wholly unneccesary.

If you are looking for one more thing to do, transport, setup on a table, and clean up after, by all means: express yourself!

But really: no one else cares. Not really. They want to hug you, wish you well, and grab a beer :)

Can you image anyone ever coming back from a wedding and saying to their other half: wow, it would have been a perfect wedding, but the fact that they did not have ceremony programs just ruined it!

If you are in doubt, skip them. If you must have them, we can make them for you, or you can craft something according to your skill, talent, and available time.

Assuming you will do them, here is what you want in them: a brief outline of what will happen. See the Checklist page for that and add details: song names, people names, roles and relationships.

If you still have room, add one one the readings, or write a short blurb about you two: something interesting, or funny, or how you met. Keep it simple!

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