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Wedding Day Assistant

Your Cinderella chores will wait for you until Monday!

So be a Princess for a Day! 

Yes, your job on this day is to just be. Be fabulous, that is! 

Oh but we already know that someone will get lost, something will be forgotten in the trunk, or at home, and one other thing will need fixing on the fly!

Since none of these jobs are fit for a Princess, then do ask a friend or hire a professional, to be your assistant. 

This person should not wear high heels, but rather running shoes. 
Not a gown, but rather confortable clothing.

Arm this friend with the day-of schedule, and cell numbers for all that matter: bridal party, close relatives, and vendors, and let deal with directions for uncle Tom, the lost car keys of your mom, and whatever the groom may have left on the dresser...

Talk to them, dine them, and ask them to be your assistant, so you can be relaxed and fabulous. Explain to them your plan, what you want from this day, who is who, and so on.

They will be your shadowy double in the limelight, while you take center stage in the spotlight.

And so, while they take care of loose ends

Get busy shining...

Because this day is all about you!

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