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Wedding Day Schedule

Have you ever thrown a party only to find yourself saying "9PM already and I haven't said hello to anyone..."?

When you throw a party at your home you are one of the very few who know what needs to happen. Even if everything isn't figured out, people know how to find the fridge or a glass or whatever may be missing.

A lot more people are needed to pull off a wedding so that it does not feel like the home party above. Afterall, you want to enjoy and remember this day with fondness, right?

Creating a "day of" schedule will help you and everyone else understand where they need to be (Addresses, phone numbers) and when. Make copies and distribute to the bridal party, parents, photographer, DJ, etc. the key actors in your Broadway Musical

Before you do, overlay the day's activities with the hours your key vendors / service people are contracted and think whether you have gaps

For example:

Ask Yourself:

Do you have enough limo time?

Is it ok if the photographer tries to photograph you while bride and groom are hiding from each other?

The photographer leaves before the bouquet toss? How will you cover that?

The DJ is hired to start at 5pm but the guests arrive at the hall at 4pm. Fortunately, the BAR opens at 4 so they, at least, get hammered in peace in quiet. :)

Adjust your schedule and vendors to maximize their time and the use of your budget, and to ensure you have little coordination to do on your wedding day.

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