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Wedding Vows and Ceremony Script

It is a good idea to understand what goes in a ceremony script, so you can be more effective in directing or influencing what will be said during your wedding ceremony.

The ceremony script, like a movie script, is about 95% of what will be said during the ceremony. The other 5% is ad-hoc / adlib based on what else is going on, little sentences to tie up paragraphs, etc.

The vows are what you two will say to one another: I take you to be my wedded... the vows are a part of the script.

Our VowMaster Online application is available to all our customers to allow them to create a complete ceremony in minutes; alternatively, we can create a ceremony for you based on your wishes.

Most ceremonies have a very similar structure as below.

Logistics: officiant or coordinator asks people to sit, etc.

The officiant enters main ceremony area / stage and greets people, possibly gives directions as to what happens after the ceremony. For example - receiving line over "there", or cocktail hour and photos, etc.

Prelude & Entrance

Start with the groom and his mom, other parents and grandparents, typically on a song

Bridal Party Enters, typically on the same song as above (changing too many songs drags on)

Bride's entrace, typically on a second song, hug parents


Prayers, poems, and other nice things to say about relationships, maybe a rememberance of those who passed

Questions of Intent

Literally questions to establish the intent to enter into a marriage relationship

Readings or Activities

A good time for unity sands or candles, giving of flowers to parents, the performance of a live song, or one more reading

Ring Exchange and Vows

Promises you make to one another, whether reading them or repeating after the officiant

Readings or Activities

Another time when you can have readings, poems, prayers, blessings.

Conclusion & Introduction of the Newlyweds as a Married Couple.

Pick how you want to be introduced:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Homer Simpson,
  • Mr. and Mrs. Simpson
  • the married couple of Homer and Marge
  • Mr. and Mrs. Homer and Marge Simpson
  • I pronounce you husband and wife
  • Homer Simpson and Marge Bouvier
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