• Wedding Centerpieces: Setting the mood

    Your centerpieces will set the flair, or style of the room, and will fill up the tables with something other than silverware and glassware. Whether you dreamed of fancy, or rustic, or formal, or elegant wedding, centerpieces give you a lot of control over how to accomplish your vision.


    We know you have your own style and vision, and want to enable you to do this as easily and inexpensively as possible... and in order to do this we introduced a concept called "centerpieces canvas". Read on to understand where we're coming from...


    The most expensive part of centerpieces is the glassware. Not only that, but glassware bulky and fragile!

    Consider where would you store the glassware for 20-30-40 tables for the 6-9-12 months preceeding your wedding.

    Consider how many will you buy: enough for the number of people you will invite, 75% of that, or 50% of that? The fact is that you cannot possibly know how many people will show up, so you will end up overbuying, filling your house with stuff, transporting it back and forth, and, assuming it does not break, you end up selling it for 50 cents on the dollar on Craigslist...


    Consider the following few examples of glassware from such popular places as Michael's and Oriental Trading.

    We did not always know this, but, figured it out over the years we've done weddings.


    As such, while we can do your centerpieces from A to Z, most often we end up renting you just the canvas: the glassware, the platters, the candle holders... and you bring in your fillers that match your vision.


    Not only that, but we only rent you the amount of canvas you need for your actual guest count

    Check out the following examples of centerpieces, but look at them as "spare parts", you could have any piece of any one of these to use however you might imagine.


    Here is a number of typical, wedding centerpieces. These are quite inexpensive, at $15 including setup, take down. Again, the parts are interchangeable... and you can mix and match centerpieces for your wedding: 5 of these, half of those, etc.


    Further down are some fancier, more elegant ones, starting at $22. Again, all parts are interchangeable.

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