• Meet Our Officiants

    Rev. Matthew Iverson

    Wedding Officiant

    Rev. Toni Maki

    Wedding Officiant

    Rev. George Maverick

    Wedding Officiant & Chief Joy Officer


    Rev. Blair Poitras

    Wedding Officiant

    Rev. David Schaal

    Wedding Officiant

    Rev. Eric Zaske

    Wedding Officiant
  • Ceremony Options

    Our officiants can help with all the options below.


    This is how we conduct wedding rehearsals. We price them separately from the ceremony service as they take an extra trip, and extra time. If you book a rehearsal, this is what we'd do for you...


    Serious, fun, religious, agnostic, spiritual, gay, interfaith, renaissance, non denominational? Yes, we do!

    Same Day

    It's not always practical for the officiant to travel twice to your location for the ceremony and the rehearsal. Say, maybe you are getting married at a resort... or just want to save a few bucks.

    Whatever your reasons... if you must have a rehearsal, you can save some money by having your rehearsal on the same day as your ceremony


    Pray, tell me more!


    Your officiant arrives 1 hour before the ceremony start (as opposed to the half an hour for a regular ceremony) and conducts a rehearsal at that time. Then, one hour later, the officiant conducts the actual ceremony.

    Using this service is a cost effective way to have a rehearsal.

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