• Meet Our Officiants

    Rev. Matthew Iverson

    Wedding Officiant

    Rev. Toni Maki

    Wedding Officiant

    Rev. George Maverick

    Wedding Officiant & Chief Joy Officer


    Rev. Blair Poitras

    Wedding Officiant

    Rev. David Schaal

    Wedding Officiant

    Rev. Paul Scarpari

    Rosemount Wedding Officiant

    Rev. Eric Zaske

    Wedding Officiant
  • Ceremony Options

    Our officiants can help with all the options below.


    This is how we conduct wedding rehearsals. We price them separately from the ceremony service as they take an extra trip, and extra time. If you book a rehearsal, this is what we'd do for you...


    Serious, fun, religious, agnostic, spiritual, gay, interfaith, renaissance, non denominational? Yes, we do!


    To elope is to run away with a lover, especially with the intention of getting married.

    OK, now... you don't have to run away. An elopement is really a smaller wedding. Read More About Elopements Here.

    Courthouse Style

    Courthouse - Style Wedding, or, Signature & Vows

    You can come to our office, or we can come to you. The officiant will be dressed casually, they will take care of paperwork, and will have you two repeat vows to each other. At our office, we can have up to 2 witnesses.

    $75 at our location; $119 at the location of your choice. For an extra $20, it is essentially a classy signature.


    Cheaper, faster, and more personal then a courthouse wedding. Going to the courthouse means that, after obtaining your marriage license, you actually go to a courthouse and ask for a judge to marry you. Most will say a few words and will take care of your papers. Some might just take care of your papers because they are rushing to the next case. And that is the problem with court houses. They are primarily busy and focused on court cases. When you show up, you are not the priority. So you get to wait for a judge to become available and you end up paying more than what our fee for the Signature & Vows service is. Judges typically want $200 - $300. It's much better to work with us!

    Prison Wedding

    My beloved is inside... can we get married?

    Same Day

    It's not always practical for the officiant to travel twice to your location for the ceremony and the rehearsal. Say, maybe you are getting married at a resort... or just want to save a few bucks.

    Whatever your reasons... if you must have a rehearsal, you can save some money by having your rehearsal on the same day as your ceremony


    Pray, tell me more!


    Your officiant arrives 1 hour before the ceremony start (as opposed to the half an hour for a regular ceremony) and conducts a rehearsal at that time. Then, one hour later, the officiant conducts the actual ceremony.

    Using this service is a cost effective way to have a rehearsal.

  • Signature Service

    Signatures and Witnesses

    A signature is just that. You come to our office with your beloved, bring the marriage license, and we sign it for you. No pomp, no special words... just paperwork. It's cheap and it gets you married. If you have witnesses, do bring 2 please, if not, we can provide them for a small fee.

    Signature Service at our office, with your 2 witnesses: $60
    We sit down, we say hello, we sign our papers, you get on your merry way :) This service is super cheap, we offer it to help people who need to get it done quickly and cheaply. IT IS ONLY available Mondays from noon to 1 pm in Rosemount, and Wednesdays from noon to 1pm in Farmington. That's it. Please use the button on this page to schedule and then pay.

    Signature Service at our office, with our 2 witnesses: $100
    Same as above except we will find 2 people to be your witnesses and sign your documents. After the signature, we mail your license to the county, they stamp it, record it, and mail it back to you. Live happily ever after, make beautiful babies, recycle, eat well, be active, be nice, live long and prosper! Please use the button on this page to schedule and then pay.

    Signature at your location within 20 miles of Minneapolis: $195
    We'll come to a location of your choice, where you will have witnesses. We'll even have you say vows. The officiant will dress business casual. A travel fee applies if farther than 20 miles from Minneapolis.

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