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    So what's a wedding photo journalist anyway?


    Well - someone with a good eye for the little details and special things - a bride's shoe, a makeup moment, the signatures, a tender hug, a teary eyed mom, a sigh of relief.


    Sure, I will also take all the formal shots and make sure they are just perfect, but true feelings are captured in those sweet moments when no one is looking... except me, that is, through the lens.


    I'll be looking alright, but I'll be looking out for you, so you have wonderful photos to keep the memory of this wonderful day fresh!

    Check out the photos in the gallery to the left, if you'd like, let's meet to discuss your specific wishes and requirements.


    Or just reserve your day on my calendar right now and know you will have a professional with an eye and a heart on your side!


    There are links to actual galleries on the right side and also a broad selection from several weddings over the last few years.


    People ask for to book me a lot more than I can handle so my prices here are a bit higher than the rest'. I will bring an assistant, and everything will be captured and beautifull processed. I will capture couple's photos, family, ceremony, and reception through the first dance, while my assistant will be there with me and for everything else.



    Office: 952-938-0778



    WHOLE DAY Wedding Photography, 2 Photographers, engagement ($5,000)

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