• Fab Weddings: Catering for your reception

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    Wherever you go, catering is way too expensive.

    Of course, our food is outstanding - ask for a tasting anytime - but it is also affordable. For two entrees with side dishes and fruit, at $18 per person, our catering service stands out... and not just because it comes from a great local restaurant, Rudy's Red Eye Grill.

    There's more good news!


    Whereas most places impose minimum expenditure, we have no food and beverage minimum. It makes sense, but it is not common place... and you're not likely to learn about it unless you specifically ask.


    Not only that, but we'll adjust your reception balance up until Monday before your wedding, to get as close as possible to your actual guest count, and charge you what you need, not what you guessed months in advance... because most times you end up with fewer people than what you expected when you started making plans.

  • Here's what we do: we make an agreement today, based on the number of people you hope to have. One month before the wedding, we'll need a minimum guaranteed guest count... if this is smaller, we'll adjust your total down accordingly. By Monday before the wedding, we'll need the final guest count: sometimes you get a few last minute confirmations.


    For example:


    Assume your wedding is in June, and you expect 150 people total.
    We make an agreement for 150 people in November, and your food bill is $17 X 150 + 18% service & tips = $3,009
    In May, you give us a revist count of 130, so we adjust your total to $17 X 130 + 18% service & tips = $2,607
    A week before the wedding, you find out that 3 more people can make, so we adjust your total again to $17 X 133 + 18% service & tips = $2,668


    In this example you save some $341 compared to what you had planned for.


    One other thing we do to help you make the most of your money and your wedding day, is package the buffet leftovers. Right: who does that anywmore. Well, we still do: you work hard for your money, and we get it. There usually is enough food for the gift opening party next day. Most caterers do not do this. Now, there may be exceptions depending on what type of food was served, as different food stuffs have different handling requirements, but, for the most part, you get to go home with $200-$300 worth of food.


    There's more: we make enough food so all you guests can have both entrees, and many often go twice. Our goal in catering is for you to receive compliments from your guests that the food was great, and that there was a lot of it. And you will!


    This way you do not have to ask what do they want to eat: this or that, they can all have it all!


    Oh, and for your special needs guests, we'll cook up to 10% of your guest count a third choice with special needs: vegetarian, gluten free, etc. These meals will be held separate from the buffet, and the "special" guests will have to give us the secret handshake to receive them. This service makes you be extra considerate, and it will cost you nothing extra!


    Also, here is the full menu: Fab Weddings Catering Menu.

  • We'll setup the linens, sashes, glassware, napkins, silverware so it all looks beatiful



    We'll setup a classy buffet line, color mateched to you wedding colors


    We'll take care of centerpieces, lay out your favors, and any custom decorations





    We can even bring a cake knife so you won't have to spend money on a one time item


    Our friendly staff will take care of your guests, and will service the food professionally and with a smile



    And you, and your guests will savor the delicious entrees, salads, fruit, and deserts




    And finally, we'll cut and service take fabulous wedding cake, after your big cake cutting moment...

    by the way, before you ask... here is our menu. If you want something not here, or maybe just to spice up, or somehow personalize your choices, our chef would love to chat with you!


    We're ready for you! Just snap your fingers...

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