• Head Table Styles & Decorations


    There are a few ways to customize your head table:


    Choose a shape: line, U shape, sweetheart with wings, or two lines. Depending on the size your bridal party and space you have for this setup, your table shape options may be somewhat limited. Don't let that worry you: you will have a beatiful head table nevertheless


    Line tables are the most common and practical. One might add fairy lights and extra draping to make the table look extra special.


    A sweetheart table is a cute idea. The wings for the bridal party can go out straight left and right or at an angle. The angles are not practical for large bridal parties as they take too much space.


    At Rosehenge Hall we the space for the head table is 16 feet, or 8 people in one line. Going over 8 people requires us to make a U shaped table


    At Glenhaven Events the space for head table is 10 feet deep by 36 feet wide. It can fit 16 people comfortably on one line. Going over 16 people can be done by putting a second line table on the dance floor, in front of the first table. Although a matter of preference, we think having the back table longer than or equal to the front table is a good way to go.

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