• Prison Wedding or Correctional Facility Service Description

    My beloved is inside... can we get married?

    Yes, each correctional facility has its own rules in terms of being able to touch or not, bring in printed vows or not, etc.


    We can certainly travel to the facility of your "choice" and conduct a service there according to their rules.


    First we need to get on the inmate's visitor list. For this we need you to obtain a visitation form from that facility or their website. Please fill out the information specific to the inmate, the facility, etc. and just leave out the visitor's information. Send the form to us, and we'll finish filling it up and will mail it to them.

  • After this it is up to the facility to notify the inmate whether we have been approved. They will not tell us, and sometimes they will not tell the inmate, but rather the inmate will have to ask nicely. Once, an inmate we had filed a form for, had not been very nice to his guards and they simply denied they had received the form... We sent 3 forms that were "never received". Eventually, the fiancee from the outside took one in person. So, do tell the fiance to be extra nice during this period.


    The fee for this service is $299 and need to be paid up front. When they notify you that the visitation is approve we can schedule the wedding date with you.


    Contact us now to book this service, or send the fee and the form to us: Fab Weddings, 12790 Dodd Blvd, Rosemount, MN, 55068.

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