• Refunds: Please Read!

    Cancel Services within 5 days of making the reservation and you can have a full refund... no questions asked.


    Cancel Services after 5 days but at least 1 year (365 days) before the wedding date and you can have a refund of all money except 20% of the contract amount... again, no questions asked.


    Cancel Services after 5 days and within 365 of the ceremony date no refunds. Sorry - inventory is our time; all the while we were booked for you we were not available to others.

    If the wedding is off, we're really sorry. If you have a friend who is getting married, we may be able to offer you a gift certificate for your friend for some of our services.

    If the wedding is still on, see reschedule below, assuming you are still considering us for your wedding.


    Cancel by Default: Most customers choose to have a payment plan towards their final balance, essentially a lay-away plan. We manage this plan for you at no cost: no fee, no interest. However, if you stop making payments towards your balance, we may, at our discretion, cancel your event, once you reach 90 days without being on target, based on the agreed upon payment schedule. We will do our darnest to work with you to never get to this point. However, if you simply fall off the face of the Earth, and we cannot establish your intent and ability to catch up, or make different arrangements, we would be in the position to cancel your event. Sorry!


    All Venue & Services packages: It takes a lot to plan a complete wedding; if you cancel a large package more than 5 business after the initial payment date, the following formula applies: the first $5,000 is not refundable. The balance is refundable on a prorated basis, based on the amount of time remaining to the planned wedding day.


    Reschedule Venue & Services packages after 5 days and within 365 days of the ceremony date We're happy to help you find another date and time; the cost of this is 15% of the contract amount (think of it as a restocking fee). Cancelling the rescheduled event is subject to the original agreement's timeline and terms.


    Getting your money back If paid by credit card, we will refund to your credit card. If paid by cash, we will send you a certified check. If paid by check, we will send you a certified check, one month after we deposited your check (to ensure your check cleared first.

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