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    I am a relaxed and creative person, with a full time day job in technology. I love to tell stories and meet people, especially on their most wonderful and happiest day. I am experienced with a wide variety of settings, locations, and ceremony stules. I would love to perform weddings or commitment unions for any couple, and, of course, gay weddings. I am flexible and perform Christian, interfaith, and non religious ceremonies. Helping people celebrate the start of a life together is a wonderful thing and I draw joy from each opportunity.


    I have performed weddings with between 4 and 250 people in attendance. My ceremonies have ranged from formal and traditional, to informal and relaxed and everything in between. I have done Hawaiian, Renaissance and other themed weddings as well as a bi-lingual English/Spanish wedding. Each of my ceremonies is a celebration.

    A closely held secret about me, and please, do not divulge this to anyone, is that I AM Santa Claus. Yes, The Santa Claus. The job is seasonal though, so most of the year I am busy with weddings, various technology projects, and keeping track of kids' deeds. I am telling you this so you know that I always have a heard. In late November my beard is long enough to board the sleigh, so I bleach it white for the month of December. In January I return to normal, a short beard... two toned for a couple of months. The rest of the year it is reddish as in most photos. From January through August my hair is short but the beard keeps growing. Come August, I also let my hair grow, so I can be ready for the next Christmas season. I would not normally share my secrets but, knowing that I might be featured in your wedding photos, I want you to know what to expect when you hire Santa!


    So, assuming I am a good match for your celebration, I look forward to helping you design and then performing the right wedding ceremony for you!

    Like the rest of the ministers at Fab Weddings, I pledge to work with you to design what you want for your wedding. It is all about you, your love, and your sharing it with your community of family and friends.

  • If you want to check my availability, you can use the links below and find out immediately. Using this system you can book me right now (please make appointments at the time you want me to arrive on site). You can also make the reservation retainer payment using a credit card or paypal account. Either way, we never get to know your financial information - just contact information and amount paid. Also, you may want to click the map to the side, to see how far I normally travel for weddings. If you want to book me outside this area, please call us first. If you wish to book me right away, you can use one of the links below. The first is for the ceremony (please set it 30 minutes prior to ceremony time). The second is for rehearsals, please set it at the meeting time). The third is for a ceremony with same day rehearsal - please set it 1 hour prior to ceremony time... that is when the rehearsal would take place).



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