• Rev. George Maverick, Officiant, Chief Joy Officer

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    Hello, It seems everyone in the wedding business has a million rules to have you obey on your wedding day and then pay them for the opportunity to do what they told you to! Well, My name is Maverick and there are no rules. You, my friend, make the rules. Our mission is to help you be happy - so, unless it's a felony or a misdemeanor, whatever you want to do, YES YOU CAN! (If anyone tells you otherwise, just ask Obama) Just kidding.


    Further, I am always happy to personalize your wedding so that it is uniquely yours - a joke here, a special mention there, an introduction... whatever it takes to warm up the crowd and make everyone feel that they belong there! With over 300 weddings under my belt, I know what works and what does not, and I am happy to share. Please email so we can get started or simply book your time on my calendar!


    I will listen as well as give you my suggestions, and will help you craft a wonderful wedding that is uniquely yours. It is not difficult and you need not stress about the process, with my experience by your side you can be sure your wedding will match your dreams.

  • Last, our prices are lower because they are based on what we think is fair, not the most we might be able to get from you if we told you some fantastic story about how difficult this might be without us. It's our way of saying that we should all be nice to each other... Yet, I can promise you that your wedding will be more fun and more memorable than whatever most other people do - and I've seen my share of weddings.


    Having officiated commitment ceremonies in the past, I am also happy to officiate gay weddings. Love is universal.


    Like the rest of the ministers at Fab Weddings, I pledge to work with you to design what you want for your wedding. It is all about you, your love, and your sharing it with your community of family and friends.


    If you want to check my availability, you can use the links below and find out immediately. Using this system you can book me right now (please make appointments at the time you want me to arrive on site). You can also make the reservation retainer payment using a credit card or paypal account. Either way, we never get to know your financial information - just contact information and amount paid. Also, you may want to click the map to the side, to see how far I normally travel for weddings. If you want to book me outside this area, please call us first. If you wish to book me right away, you can use one of the links below. The first is for the ceremony (please set it 30 minutes prior to ceremony time). The second is for rehearsals, please set it at the meeting time). The third is for a ceremony with same day rehearsal - please set it 1 hour prior to ceremony time... that is when the rehearsal would take place).




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  • Here are a few photos I collected over the years, and a few hand written thank you notes, I receive, which I treasure. Thank you.


    You will see that in most ceremonies I officiate, people face each other... not only does it make the experience more intense when you look each other in the eye (rather than looking at me) but it make for better photos and your people can see your faces, rather than your backs :)


    I typically ask couples during the ceremony to hold hands - it's sweet and romantic.

    Be yourself, I am happy to facilitate ... that was a very cool biker ring she got.

    Final instructions with the groom and his parents right before the start. Cracking jokes is a good way to take the edge off.


    Here I am lining everyone up to start, checking cell phones, and tell each person when to start walking.

    Mom passing her daughter her vows to read... of course, you could just repeat 2-3 words at a time after me.

    Holding hands with children and saying "vows" to them as well is a nice way to include them, and make them feel very special


    Here is the greatest secret to enjoying your wedding day: your attitude. Some people show up in a great mood and no small thing can take aways from their joy. Yet a few people come looking for something to be uphappy about it. They usually find it. Happiness is more a decision rather than something that happens to you.


    Just before the Epic Kiss, I step out of your picture, and annouce the newly minted Mr. and Mrs., or however you wish to be introduced.


    I am usually looking for little things to adlib on - a frown or a hesitation get called out, we all laugh and relax...

    Whether you dreamt of a formal affair, or just want a sweet and casual celebration, we can help

    Sometime we pick up the kids during the ceremony... they get the attention they need, and we get to hear each other :)


    Don't worry about anything, I will guide you, we will laugh, and you will love it!

    Breathe in, smile, and take the moment in

    Yes, you will be signing your life away, but in a good way. I usually do this before the ceremony, as after, you'll be busy with hugs and all


    Can you say "happy"?

    First look... At this moment I always remind the groom to smile and ignore the "butterflies", people are taking pictures!


    It's alright to cry... I will slow down and will repeat the vows as you need.

    A hote wedding with a few friends sometimes gets cheers from all the travelers around, it's really fun

    "Please put the ring on his finger, look at him, and repeat after me..."

    It's a magic day, enjoy it with a big smile.

    This was a fun, midnight wedding... the room was not available on their anniversary, so they had the reception the day before, and we did the ceremony at midnight, about an hour before the end of the party - so the date was available afterall


    There you are, looking so very beautiful together

    If the bride's mom is seated on the right side, the "wrong" side, she will be able to see her daughter throughout the whole ceremony


    There are unity sands, and unity sands... these lovely people wanted to drag it on for as long as they could... just for kicks. It worked.


    I recommend hugging parents when the bride gets to the front... bride and groom hug all parents... makes for good photos and moms, especially, love it


    This ceremony was on an especially cold day. I stopped and asked the best man to find something warm for the bride... she lived :)


    Officiating is not just a great honor, but an intense experience: you are so close to the bride and groom during such a tender moment. I love it.


    A flock of geese flew over us outloud... I thanked the "Rosemount Air Force" for the honor they bestowed upon us. Annoyance turned into fond memory.


    When you say your vows, I will whisper to you and will hold the microphone for you so they only hear you.

    Like I said, the more hugging, the better!

    Really, if you get the wrong finger, it's ok... as long as the finger belongs to the right man.

    Smile, it's a happy occasion.

    Ok, laugh, it's a really happy occasion.

    Including grandma or someone dear to read something (that you chose) is a great idea

    All the way! If you stop half way, I will have to intervene and ask you to persevere

    Stay on target!

    There you go!

    Sands for you two and your children... awesome!

    When you're about to kiss, I'll be off to the side.

    Collecting signatures is serious business... but if you stop and look up for a second, the pics are better.

    Hand fasting using my tie... say what? Well, it was a last minute request and there was nothing around to fast the hands with so off the tie came


    There's a sweet look

    Wipe, breathe, try again - you really do have the whole day

    Aw, sweet!

    Adding sands first to represent God's love.









    When you get to the front, hug dad, then mom...




































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