• The Brides' Club

    Chat about wedding stuff. We'll bring the cookies and coffee.

  • The Brides' Club

    What is this?

    Once a month we organize a girl's afternoon out at one of our venues to chat about wedding stuff. We'll bring cookies and coffee, and you bring questions and ideas, and maybe a mom or a friend or two or three :)

    Interesting, what else?

    Bring a mom, or your BFF, look around some more, talk about what is going on, what you are worried or looking for. We'll do what we can to address all your questions.


    Also, listen to what other brides are talking about or doing: maybe you can buddy up to help each other make programs, or seating charts, or maybe buy some stuff together and get a better deal by buying a case of whatever... or buying things from each other...

    Oh, and bonus!

    Our brides, PAST or PRESENT, can always buy event tickets at the posted discounted rate

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