• Can there ever be enough cake?


    We beg to argue: not!


    Do choose our cakes!


    Not only will you be able to enjoy one of the finest baker's confections in the land (Farmington Bakery) at no extra surcharge, but you will not have to worry about arranging delivery, deposits for platforms, returning these the Monday after, etc.


    Meet with the baker, sample all there is to sample, choose your wedding cake colors and flavors and shapes and design and all else will just happen.


    Ask us about how you can have a fabuous three tier wedding cake for less than what all others charge! This is our secret to share with those who choose to work with us.

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  • Typically, wedding cakes are priced by the slice (meaning by the number of guests you expect to show up.
    Prices range from $3 to $5


    Do the math and it quickly adds up, for example: 150 people X $4 = $600.
    Add tax and delivery and you are looking at $700.


    Ouch, right?


    Now, from experience... we've never seen a wedding where there wasn't a LOT of leftover cake. We recommend you cut 10% from the number of people when ordering cake. In the example above, you are now down to 135 people X $4 = $540 (before tax). You just saved $60 - $70.




    You're not done. There's more.


    You do not need to build a cake mountain... if you have a tiered cake for 135 people, it will be huge, really heavy, and transport accident prone. Not to mention expensive.


    A 3 tier cake can be made from the cake for 50 people. If you must have 4 tiers, then about 75 people. So order the smallest 3 or 4 tier cake (it will be big enough) and order the rest as sheet cake. Sheet cake is about $1 per person. The sheet cake will be cut in the back room, and no one will be the wiser. And even if they were, they would not care: they got to eat your cake... they're happy!


    So now,


    50 people X $4 = $200


    85 people X $1 = $85


    You started with a $600 cake and you are now down to $285. Add taxes and delivery and it's $350.


    Um... we just helped you save 50% off your wedding cake.


    Wow! Right?


    Since we give you all these tips to help you create such a fabulous event for as little as possible, please choose us!


    We'll do right by you!


    Here are a few more (and yes, we provide free to use the stand and the knives):






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