• Travel Policy

    Fees Apply Over 20 Miles

    We’re happy to travel anywhere to perform your ceremony. Of course, travel takes time and gas, both of which cost money. This is our travel policy.


    Travel Cost Calculation


    Within 20 miles of zip codes 55418 in Minnesota, 50014 in IA and 53202 in the Milwaukee, WI area, or 55068 in "Winnesota" (Western Wisconsin - Hudson area).

    For locatons farther than 20 miles from the nearest zip code above, the cost is $1 per mile from the zip codes listed above. Ex: 55418 (Minneapolis, MN) to 55303 (Ramsey, MN) the mileage is 28.4 so the cost for mileage would be $28.

    This amounts to $0.50 per mile driven to account for gas, wear and time. Go to Google Maps, choose Directions and type in the ceremony zip code and one of our zip codes and you will get the distance in miles, which we use to calculate the travel cost.

    Travel applies to each person sent out to your location. Depending on the services we will consolidate travel and delivery fees. Ask us about it if you book 3 or more services.


    Travel Cost Savings Tips


    If you want us at the rehearsal, we’ll have to travel twice. So, if you want to save some money, check out our do it yourself wedding rehearsal page or order the Same Day Ceremony & Rehearsal service.

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