• Wedding Ceremony Service Description

    This page explains the officiant selection process, and how your officiant will help you create a wonderful ceremony. Under Getting Married there is another page which walks you, step by step, through a typical wedding ceremony, on the day of the ceremony.


    Serious, fun, religious, agnostic, spiritual, gay, interfaith, rennaisance, non denominational? Yes, we do!


    This is how we typically conduct wedding ceremonies, whether at our place, or yours.




    Well, if you want something different, we're all ears!

  • Hiring / Retaining an Officiant

    1. Some would-be customers want to meet / interview every offciant before deciding. If our fee were $1,000, that might work. Alas, here's how we can help you make a good decision, and save everyone time and driving.


    2. Browse the profiles on the left; each person wrote a bit about themselves, and along with one or more photos, will give you a sense of who they are.


    3. If there is a clear winner - then check their availability under Reservations. If not, pick two officiants you'd like to chat with over the phone. Again, check their availability. Let us know which you chose, and we'll arrange their calling you (or you can call them).


    4. The officiants will answer questions. Pick the most likely best choice for you.


    5. If you want a meeting in person, we'll arrange it with the "winner", near their home/office; otherwise it is time to pay the retainer.


    6. We or you can put the reservation on the minister's calendar 30 minutes before the ceremony start time; that is when they will show up for your event. For example: make a 3:30pm appointment for a 4pm ceremony start.


    7. Upon payment you will receive a confirmation and also free login to the VowMaster


  • Helping you Create a Unique, Personalized Wedding Ceremony & Vows

    8. Create a ceremony and vows with the VowMaster, or let your officiant what you wish for and they will create it for you. Review, update, laugh, dream...

    Using our unique online interactive application you can create a wedding script in 10-15 minutes. This cool application is free to our brides and allows you to add all kinds of paragraphs from the hundreds of templates we have and then to change their order and customize each paragraph as much as you want. You can also edit our templates, and paste in anything else you may have found on the web, or written yourself. Then your minister will take a look and will give you suggestions. Make adjustments if you wish and you're done. Or ask your wedding minister. Then, once again, on the wedding day, you will spend another 10-15 minutes together discussing details just before the wedding. This is all it takes to prepare for a really nice ceremony. We do this for some 150-200 wedding ceremonies every year and we have raving fans.


    9. If you chose the amplification option, please let us know the 3 songs you'd like us to get ready for you. The best way is to send us a link to Amazon.com MP3 songs. Links to youtube songs do not work well because we cannot download these.


    10. Your officiant will be available to you for consultations via phone, email, and in person as needed.


  • Changes to the Reservation

    11. Should you change the time or location, we'll have to reconfirm that this still works for your officiant, and we might have to reassign it to someone who can get to your new location and your new time.


    12. Should your officiant become unavailable due to personal reasons, we'll contact you right away and will propose alternatives. Should we be unable to find a replacement in such an event, you will receive a full refund plus $50 as an apology. In the many years we've been in business, we've never been in this position... but nevertheless, this is our availability guarantee.


    13. Should you cancel the appointment, please see Cancellations & Refunds page.


  • Finally, the Big Day!

    On the wedding day, we'll arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony, will take care of signatures / legal documentation, and will organize / coordinate the whole wedding party based on our experience and any requirements you have just before the ceremony start, so all details are fresh in everyone's mind. Should anyone forget anything, we'll direct them live during the ceremony - no worries. You just show up, we'll do the rest.

  • Several times we were asked to come back for renewals of vows or a relative's wedding, because they loved how we simplified and clarified the process, and probably because of our fair pricing as well. So why do we spend so much energy explaining that this business is simpler than what many people make it sound? Because we believe fair pricing is what nice business people do and because we love what we do. "Pay it forward" if you appreciate being treated this way and, someday, the world will be a much nicer place. So read on and make a reservation today. Our calendars do not stay open for too long.

  • Wedding Ceremony Tips, Schmips, and Other Cool Ideas

    Having done so many weddings, we have many cool tips to enhance your wedding ceremony experience.

    For example - we always recommend that the bride and groom face each other between the minister and the audience so that everyone can see everyone - especially the photographer.

    The traditional positioning, face towards minister and back towards the audience makes some sense in a church setting - but it ruins the pictures and takes away the best part: audience seeing you and you seeing them. Imagine a theater play where the actors spent all their time with their backs towards you.

    Then we'll ask you to hold hands during the ceremony - way more intense a moment...

  • Another little thing that we always recommend, and have never seen other officiants do, is seating parents on the "wrong" side. Thus, as the bride is on the left, have her parents seat on the right. This will allow her to see her parents during the ceremony and her parents will be able to see her tears and emotions as well, much better than looking at the back of her head for 20 minutes. Look at this wedding ceremony photo.


    It is taken from the where the groom's mother "traditionally" sits. She can look at the back of the head of her son during the whole ceremony. The same would be true for the bride's mother on the other side. Sure she can see her daughter in law, but really now, wouldn't any mom rather see her own child's face during this wedding? Now, swap mothers' (and fathers') seating positions and mother and daughter and mother and groom can exchange glances and take photos during this most special and unique moment. Try to find such ideas anywhere else.

  • To have a fabulous ceremony, there are several things that need to be done, but with experience they are relatively simple. We describe all that you'll ever need to know about wedding ceremonies below. A good minister can organize all this in 10 minutes, at least all our ministers do. Many other officiants will make this sounds like a big deal to justify crazy officiant fees. But... they might make you a cup of tea and will lay down a sweetness-laden description on you... to the point you will be in tears, and you'll pay $400 or $800 more for the same service as we provide.


    As you wish, Princess


    Rev. George Maverick, Chief Joy Officer, cool title, eh?


    BTW, do check out the Wedding Ceremonies page under Getting Married, a step by step description of a typical ceremony


    Then please browse the wedding officiant profiles under and choose the best fit for you.

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