• Wedding Elopement Options & Service Descriptions

    To Elope

    is to run away with a lover, especially with the intention of getting married.


    OK, now... you don't have to run away. An elopement is really a smaller wedding. Maybe you will have a larger shindig later, and maybe you won't, or yet, maybe you already did. Obtaining the marriage license from any county licensing or vital statistics office (fill out form, pay their fee, wait for 5 days) is your job. Once we and the witnesses sign your document, we'll sign it and mail it back to the county. That gets you married. For example, let's say each of you has 2 kids and are merging families sometime next year. Each of you pays a few hundreds of dollars on health insurance, etc. If you sign your papers righ away (elope now), you can merge health insurance plans and file taxes jointly this year yet, you might save quite a bit of money between now and your actual wedding date.

  • Here are a few ways to have a wedding elopment.

    A Signature

    A signature is just that. You come to our office with your beloved, bring the marriage license, and we sign it for you. No pomp, no special words... just paperwork. It's cheap and it gets you married. If you have witnesses, do bring 2 please, if not, we can provide them for a small fee. Depending on the officiant, the "office" could be a home office, or a public place near the officiant's location. If you'd like the officiant to come to you, that can be arranged for a small travel fee as well.


    $55 at our office, or the location of our choice; $95 at your location in the Twin Cities. Travel fee applies if farther than 20 miles from Minneapolis.

  • Signature & Vows (aka Courthouse style)

    Again, you can come to our office, or we can come to you. The officiant will be dressed casually, they will take care of paperwork, and will have you two repeat vows to each other. At our office, we can have up to 2 witnesses.

    $75 at our location; $115 at the location of your choice. For an extra $20, it is essentially a classy signature.

  • Courthouse Wedding

    The "Signature & Vows" service above is essentially a Court House Wedding without the Court House. You can also go to the court house. There you get to wait for a judge to become available (their court cases takes precedence over you) and you end up paying more than what our fee for the Signature & Vows service is.


    No price provided... each court is different, and you'd be working directly with them. We just listed here in case you were wondering what that is.

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