• Full Service - Done For Your Wedding Packages

    Presented by Fab Weddings

    Planning a wedding is really overwhelming and time consuming for most people.
    We can create customized wedding packages for you, based on your wishes, and/or

    based on your budget, going back and forth a few times, until we help you create

    the perfect package for you. We can plan a package either at one of our venues

    or some other venue of your choosing. Let us help you.

  • The Princess Wedding Package

    Princess Packages Start at $4,000

    Bring a big smile. The rest has been thought of, and has been carefully planned for your sweet, charming, and memorable celebration.
    The Princess Wedding is an all inclusive package for weddings between 60 and 180 people, including the bridal party. 

    All else is provided and already discounted as a package. If you wish to replace one service with your own, you're welcome to... the package prices are set.

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