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    Videography can bring a whole new dimension to preserving your memories... and with expert interviews and masterful editing, you will have AMAZING videos to share with your grandkids!


    Check out the Dan's page for specific video pricing and service descriptions.


    Photography is one of the first services we've ever offered, long before venues and reception planning. The reason we got into photography is because we found it so insanely priced, and fought with gotchas.



    There does not seem any rhyme or reason as to how photographers charge for their time. Some ask for so much, it's dizzying... and they do not appear to be that much better.


    Another problem with photography is that people will show you selections of weddings, but not complete weddings. Now, anyone will take 1 or 2 or 3 good photos in any given day, but a great photographer will take 500 good photos in a day. Most photographer websites show you selections: one photo from this wedding, and one photo from that wedding, often featuring a nice spot in some venue... The problem with this approach is that you cannot tell whether the whole wedding was shot well, whether that every moment was captured, and finally, that you will not have available to you, every cool place that photographer may have been in over the past few years... What you need to determine is whether they can take great shots every time, and in every place.


    Although less of a problem nowadays, some photographers will not include the full copyright of all images... so you have to buy them for extra cost, or buy prints at ten times the price you would pay at Costco, Walmart, or CVS at the same quality.


    My greatest peeve with how photographers sell their services is that they prey on people's fears, or encourage them to document every single moment of the day... granted a photo putting on your make up may be cute, but is that worth an extra $1000? I doubt it. First off, all your friends have cell phones, and second, after you post those images on Facebook, you will not look at them again. Consider how many times have you seen wedding photos in people homes and cubes: what do you see? I only see a portrait together, maybe a kiss, and maybe one other image. 5-6 hours of photography coverage is all anyone every needs. When someone sells you "full day coverage" they are using your emotions to sell you more than you need.

    The same goes for having an assistant... "two photographers for compelete coverage". That is even more hot air. A good photographer knows where to stand, when to move, and how to ajust their camera depending on light conditions.


    A good photographer for 5-6 hours will take a ton of awesome shots at any venue. Anything more than that is someone selling you a $100,000 coach bus as a daily commuter vehicle: sure, it will get you there, but is that a smart way to spend your money?


    We have 2 levels of photographers: Main Photographer (5+ years experience) and Master Photographer (10+ years).


    A Master photographer costs about twice as much as a Main photographer. Each photographer profile shows their level.

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