• Wedding Receptions


  • Let us help you with the planning...

    We can take care of everything, so you can relax and make the most of your time, before and during your reception.


    Strangely, it will be a long day, but time will fly so fast... you'll wish you had slowed down and took more time to visit with loved ones, enjoy it, and take the moment in.


    That's where we come in: starting with detailed planning, careful reviews, and onto final minute checks, and setup, and through coordinating everything, so that every moment becomes a treasured memory, while you shine, sparkle, and glow! (no, not in the dark, in the spot light)


    All our services are available both at our venues or yours.

    A couple of things that we pride ourselves for:

    We can do everything, and plan a complete wedding in a matter of days.

    At our venues, the setup and cleaning is always included, so you may be a lady and visit properly with your guests

    We do not practice food and beverage minimums

    We always include all taxes, fees, and tips in all quotes so that you know the whole story upfront, and also, not have to worry about tips and payments on your wedding day

  • A Few Of Our Reception Services

    Plan your reception here!


    Of course, our food is outstanding - ask for a tasting anytime - but it is also affordable

    There's more good news!


    Whereas most places impose minimum expenditure, we have no food and beverage minimum. It makes sense, but it is not common place... and you're not likely to learn about it unless you specifically ask.


    Not only that, but we'll adjust your reception balance up until Monday before your wedding, to get as close as possible to your actual guest count, and charge you what you need, not what you guessed months in advance... because most times you end up with fewer people than what you expected when you started making plans.



    Welcome! Welcome!

    While most places have a food and beverage minimum, we don't. Why is that, you ask... because, while a drink or two is fun, pushing alcohol is not wise... and people are more responsible when they have to spring for a drink, even if it is reasonably priced. Moreover, the party is more fun when people drink just enough but not too much.


    Read more about our wedding bars here.

    Wedding Cake

    Can there ever be enough cake?

    Not only will you be able to enjoy one of the finest baker's confections in the land (Farmington Bakery) at no extra surcharge, but you will not have to worry about arranging delivery, deposits for platforms, returning these the Monday after, etc.


    Read more about our wedding cakes.

    Wedding Photo Booth


    Each of our venues has a photo booth, priced about about half the ongoing market rate. It is a great deal, fun attraction, that we can just turn on for you.


    What do you get?

    2 sets of prints for each strip taken

    Image strips are customized with you names and wedding date


    How long does it run?

    We turn it on after the first dance because it is a noisy attraction and otherwise it would be a disruption during dinner, toasts, and first dance.

    What is the price?

    Each booth is different so the price is a bit different - Please schedule a consultation for pricing!

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